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Indie Mobile Game that also promotes Awareness!

It's a pleasure to announce that 'Freakout Games' has released a new game 'Solbot Energy Rush' to Android and iOS stores.
It's a fun game with One Tap controls where you play as a Color Switching Robot whose suit color changes every level and player has to collect the same matching colored energy orbs. More fun and challenging factors to explore as you make progress!

As a studio we want to contribute in any possible way to social causes whenever player engages with our game. For that reason we have included a fact section so that the player can get some information about energy sustainability which relates to the global cause of Climate Change movement.

It's a casual game targeted towards all age groups. 

  • One touch control
  • Robot color changes with each level
  • 50 Unique and challenging levels
  • Multiple fun power ups

The game can be downloaded from:

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